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Educator Testimonials

"I found Muna's course to be a very eye opening and important experience for me as I believe I came out empowered to make informed decisions about my pregnancy and birth process.  Her use of a variety of instructional techniques made the course interesting and enjoyable.  I would definitely recommend it for any future, expectant or current moms who would like to have a natural pregnancy and birth." 

~ Expectant Mom, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

"After taking Muna's childbirth class, I was stunned at my lack of knowledge.  I learned SO much about my body, my baby, and how to optimize my pregnancy…  It's true what they say, 'knowledge is power.'  I sure felt empowered after Muna's class."

~ First-time Mom, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

"My expectations were met in all aspects... Muna was always resourceful, and answered our questions with utmost clarity. She also explained as much as we were able to comprehend, when it came to the tougher aspects surrounding issues of pregnancy. Overall, the class was a major step for women to educate themselves and gain confidence in their abilities to be the best moms!!!"

~ Childbirth Workshop Attendee, Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

“Before Muna's childbirth class, I had many apprehensions about the medical system's approach to childbirth and was keen to learn about any alternatives. Muna's approach was gentle and refreshing, as she encouraged us that it is only natural and a right to be in control of one's own birth.”
~ Prenatal Class Attendee, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

“Essential learning in childbirth education for all parents and parents to be!  A realistic and natural perspective on childbirth, including hands on practical tools in dealing with pregnancy, labour and delivery, and beyond!”

~ New Mom, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

“I highly recommend taking the course with Muna; she is phenomenally knowledgeable, has a great positive attitude and compelling energy, and she makes you feel special."

~ Private Class Student, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

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