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My name is Muna Bashir. I am a certified birth doula, childbirth educator and life coach.

I have a deep passion to empower women - especially, mothers - in ways they might never have been empowered before!

My breakthrough moment came when I enrolled in the doula training program offered by Doulas of North America (DONA) back in October, 2000. I was expecting my first child at the time, and I felt that I had discovered a hidden treasure chest of information and resources. I acquired the support of a doula for my birth, which was one of the best decisions I ever made! My doula helped me to birth the way I wanted: through liberation, inspiration and submission.

Drawing on the positivity and success of my own experiences - and to share the treasures that I have discovered - I seek to help moms around me achieve BLISful motherhood. I have provided support to clients in parts of the United States, Canada and even Egypt!

I have a BSc. in Biology from the University of Texas at Dallas, and maintain active membership and certification through Doulas of North America (DONA) and the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association of Canada (CAPPA Canada).

As a complement to my birth-oriented services, I am a practicing life coach, providing motivational and personal development support to a wide ranging clientele. I am certified as a life coach through DiscoverU.

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