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Your life coach…

  • cares about your success
  • is future-oriented
  • asks you hard and direct questions to throw your mind into "action mode"
  • helps you to remove obstacles and roadblocks from your path
  • holds you accountable so that you can move forward with what you want to do
  • enables you to subdivide long-term goals into attainable, short-term goals
  • empowers you to accomplish these goals in between coaching sessions

My interests and expertise lie in dealing with the emotions and challenges associated with the following aspects of your life:

Motherhood Matters:

  • Pregnancy & Birth
  • Empathic Parenting
  • Your Child’s Education

Personal Growth & Development:

  • Holistic & Healthy Living
  • Marital Dynamics
  • Balancing Work & Family

Professional Growth & Development:

  • Achieving Your Dreams
  • Developing Your Skills
  • Contributing to Your Community

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