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As your birth doula, my goal is to enrich your birth experience to bring out the best mother in you!

Time permitting, I will meet with you three times before the birth and once after the birth.

The purpose of our first meeting is to share our philosophies, as well as for me to learn about your individual situation and preferences for birth. We will discuss our potential roles, and how we will address questions and concerns that might arise during your pregnancy and birth. Please reserve at least one hour for this introductory meeting.

The purpose of our second meeting is to help prepare you for your labour and delivery. This may include appropriate learning activities, exploring various endurance-enhancing and pain-coping techniques, and if you wish, tips and tools to successfully construct a birth plan. Please reserve at least two hours for this meeting.

The purpose of the third meeting is to help prepare you for your postpartum. Topics often discussed include: your physical recovery, your emotional well-being, how to get enough sleep after the baby's arrival, breastfeeding success, newborn care and practices. Please reserve about two hours for this meeting.

If you are comfortable with the idea, I like to attend one of your prenatal appointments with your chosen caregiver. This allows us to become familiar with each other prior to your baby's birth.

Our postpartum meeting will give you an opportunity to reflect upon and discuss your birth experience. If you'd like, I will also help with breastfeeding and provide tips for the well-being of you and your baby. Time permitting, I would be delighted to gift you with a written story of your baby's birth. If you desire special or extended care, I am happy to provide you with appropriate references.

You may reach me through e-mail in between our meetings. I go "on call" for you two weeks before your estimated due date. Client references are available upon request.

I feel privileged that you would consider me to be on your birth team. I wish for your birth to be a truly BLISful experience!

Prospective Clients

If you are interested in signing up, or if you wish to request further information, please complete and submit the Doula Request Form.


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