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Doula Testimonials

“I was pregnant with my first baby and pretty apprehensive and skeptical that I really needed a doula.  But from day one Muna was professional, caring and supportive throughout the prenatal process providing me with resource materials and answering my questions promptly or researching the answer when needed. Above all, I felt that she wanted me to be informed in whatever birthing decisions my husband and I made and I appreciated the feeling of empowerment.  Aside from the prenatal care, Muna was instrumental in making me feel comfortable and strong throughout the labour and delivery. She came forward with pain coping ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own and kept me hydrated which I didn’t fully appreciate at the time.  Concluding her care with a lovely birth story for me and my baby was the finishing touch. It’s in my daughter’s baby book today, she’s six and we love reading it.  Couldn’t have done quite the same way without Muna!”
~ Mother of three, Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

“By far, this was my ultimate life changing experience!!  Muna gave me exceptional emotional, educational and sisterly support.  The most important thing is that Muna never influenced me to lean a certain way.  Instead, she empowered me to make decisions and to follow through with them.  We managed to have a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) without any problems.  It was the most wonderful and most amazing experience of my life.  Thanks Muna.”

~ Fourth-time Mom, Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

“Having Muna was the epidural in human form; but she didn’t numb my experience, instead supported me through it!”
~ First-time Mom, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

“Thank you for your help and guidance in making my delivery what I wished it to be.”
~ New Mom, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

“It was an amazing experience and I am forever grateful for Muna’s help.”
~ Second-time Mom, Ottawa, Ontario (Canada)

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